Confinement culture: BOZAR AT HOME brings culture to your home


BOZAR reacts to the crisis with some confinement culture.

In this period of containment, BOZAR has closed its doors but we remain very active. Because culture cannot be confined, BOZAR haS decided to continue to offer you, via its social networks, an artistic programming that shows the artistic and cultural diversity of BOZAR.

If you can’t participate to culture, culture will come to you. You can enjoy music, expo, theatre, film, dance, lectures and debates and many more artistic expressions that make BOZAR so rich. From your living room you will be able to continue to share moments of deep emotions despite the circumstances we are going through.

Thanks to culture, let’s be in solidarity with each other, let’s enjoy the comfort that technology offers us, and let’s get closer without putting ourselves at risk by enjoying one of the most beautiful experiences there is: culture.

If music is your thing, here are a few concerts coming up shortly.

3 April: Romina Lishka & Marnix De Cat
Romina Lishka : viola da gamba
Marnix De Cat : Piano, contratenor

8 April: Bram De Looze
Bram De Looze: piano

10 April: Reinoud Van Mechelen & Anna Besson
Reinoud Van Mechelen: tenor
Anna Besson: traverso

Art lover?
If you haven’t had the chance to see our Keith Haring exhibition or if you would like to rediscover it, you can (re)visit it with Walk with Me, a walk with personalities who share their own view of the works with you.

You can also browse through the exhibition by following the tour that the curators have in store for you.

Keith Haring: 4 online activities for kids and families
Share the fascinating world of Keith Haring with your children! Keep busy and stay creative during the lockdown by following us through a series of activities inspired by the famous New York artist of the eighties.

Take part in these activities and discover the artist’s aesthetic and social commitment. What was he looking to express through his colourful paintings? Why was he so interested in symbols? Why do his characters speak out to us?

BOZAR will regularly offer you a new confinement culture feature to discover. New content will be shared on a regular basis, check it out here.