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Our latest Design Brussels article looks at a remarkable artist.

Charlotte Perriand dedicated her life to improving the living conditions of the majority of people, creating an “art of living” in connection with nature. She used photography as a tool to observe reality, but also to defend her conception of a new world.

The exhibition offers an insight into her conception of the world through her working method and her incredible collection of photographs—vintage prints, negatives, cut-up magazines, personal photographs—, archives set against the reconstruction of her monumental photomontages.

Exhibition produced and presented at the Rencontres d’Arles as part of the 52nd edition. Curator of the exhibition: Damarice Amao with the complicity of Les Archives Charlotte Perriand. ADAM – BRUSSELS DESIGN MUSEUM. 1 April – 28 August.

The Design Museum Brussels
The Design Museum Brussels, established after the acquisition of a private collection by the Atomium, is a place dedicated to design and its history. Since 2015, the museum’s collection, The Plastic Design Collection, circumscribes the landscape of plastics in design from the 1950s to the present day. Alongside this collection, in September 2020 the museum opened Belgisch Design Belge, a new permanent exhibition space dedicated to Belgian design and its history.

Enriched by a programme of temporary exhibitions, the Design Museum Brussels also explores other fields of design creation and its impact on society and our daily lives.

Through exhibitions, guided tours, workshops, conferences and events, the museum aims to ensure that design is intelligible to one and

The architectural design was conceived and carried out by Lhoas & Lhoas Architectes. To achieve the successful completion of the Design Museum Brussels project, Lhoas & Lhoas architectes have formed a partnership with museographer Thierry Belenger (specialist in 20th century design) and Alexandra Midal (design theoretician and historian). The project is built with 10 principles in mind such as: making best use of the existing qualities, outside and inside; organising functions around existing structures; a simple, adaptable and reliable exhibition system; integrating stock into the exhibition; conceptual links between the objects; standard simple materials to let the colourful collection stand out.

The furniture inside the museum and lighting are provided by VITRA and DELTA LIGHT respectively.

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