Dining: Brussels Restaurants


Le Conteur

Brussels’ impressive culinary scene has recently been enriched with the opening of Ronnie Bush’s and Restauranteur Roi’s new venture, the Middle Eastern restaurant Le Conteur. Sharing the vibrancy and friendliness of the Middle East, Ronnie and Roi have designed a modern and warm setting to serve fresh traditional food with a twist.

As its name indicates, Le Conteur (the storyteller) tells stories set in faraway lands through recipes that have passed from one generation to another. Having grown up together and burning with the same passion for food, Ronnie and Roi are storytellers who want to share stories through each meal. They have reached the conclusion that the more dishes are shared, the more stories will be told.

As the dishes and drinks pile up on the tables, groups of friends start creating their own stories and unforgettable moments. The cooks and servers participate in this taste journey by transmitting the stories behind the food. The Victorian-inspired interior is an invitation of letting-go. It combines marble, wood, green and white details for a contemporary finish. A very spacious and bright dining room will welcome friends, couples and families.

During the summer, the terrace will host customers who come for a nibble and a drink, followed by a delicious meal. Just like Roi and Ronnie wished, the vibe of the restaurant is the same as in an eastern home: a place where people enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing food together, telling implausible stories that could be straight out of The Tales of the Arabian nights.

The lunch menu is a perfect opportunity to explore a tasty cuisine with dishes such as the couscous served with vegetable broth and roasted vegetables. At night, guests will have the opportunity to taste dishes such as the restaurant’s homemade pickles, mini pita breads with lamb, white fish pastillas, accompanied by a cocktail or two from the list of innovative middle-east tipples.

Craving something sweet? The ‘Happily ever after’ menu offers a variety of desserts, such as pistachio sprinkled and syrup-soaked pastries, coconut milk pudding, oriental cheesecake and a chocolate dessert that will be hard to forget. At Le Conteur everybody is invited to do whatever they want, and clients will not be surprised to see kitchen staff and waiters emerge from the open kitchen to share a drink, a dance and a truly wonderful time in the electric atmosphere of this promising, original restaurant. www.le-conteur.com