€95 million if you’ll marry my daughter


The approach is rather surprising and somewhat unusual. Cecil Chao Sze -tsung is a Chinese businessman who has everything he wants, thanks to a fortune estimated at several hundred million from a real estate business that is going pretty well. The only small problem for him is… his daughter is gay.

According to the Malaysian newspaper Nanyang Siang Pau, Cecil Chao is ready to do anything to get his daughter to change her mind. Two years ago, he tried to find the ideal son-in-law. In vain. His daughter has failed to fall under the spell of any of the 20,000 bachelors who responded to the businessman’s proposal; even though the spoils for anyone who managed to marry his daughter was €50 million.

Two years on, Cecil Chao is back, more motivated than ever and ready for anything, including adding a few wads of cash to the bonanza. The lucky man will now pocket a big fat cheque of €97 million. Although the whole process may seem shocking, Cecil Chao has a lot of respect for his daughter and claims he would never go against her wishes. “I would never force her to marry a man,” he told the Financial Times. “See it from my point of view: I want her to marry a good man and have grandchildren so I can leave them my heritage.”

Although the mission seems simple enough, the reality is quite different. Gigi Chao has already found the love of her life, Sean Eve, a 33-year-old executive director of a company owned by her father, who is also a gay rights activist.

Gigi Chao takes all this in good humour and appreciates her father’s concerns. “I think that whatever the amount, my father’s offer will not make me able to find the man for me,” said Gigi Chao.