3D print your future baby


In the spooky wonder world that is 3D printing, you don’t have to wait for anything. Even in utero! If you and your loved one are too impatient to wait for baby’s arrival, there is now a solution that will allow you to become acquainted with the little one way in advance. The possibilities of 3D printing – a growing field in recent years – appear boundless.

The technology is based on the traditional ultrasound offered for decades now by gynaecologists and offers the opportunity for parents to hold the flesh of their flesh in their arms before his or her official entry into this world – well, a version born of software and made of materials adapted to suit this new print medium.

Obviously, this comes at a cost: €600 for the 20cm model (ideal for adorning your fireplace), €300 for one 10cm (portable) and €150 for the smallest at 5cm (perfect for a key ring). Mum and Dad to be can also customize this synthetic offspring – from the type of the skin to the foetal position – and, if you want, it comes in a nice gift box. After all, you might as well go the whole hog.

Ultimate in bad taste? No, there’s more. If your synthetic little one disappoints you or if you simply do not have immediate plans to get in the family way, it is also possible to print 3D celebrity babies for the modest sum of €200 (a little Kardashian anyone?). A subtle original gift idea for St Valentine’s Day…

Photo: 3D Babies