COVID-19 Economy: The digital divide essential for global recovery


The second source of the digital divide, the elder and the less intellectually capable should be helped by giving them training and aid at the level of their capacities or capabilities. Companies, projects or products that facilitate or realize that should receive support from their Governments or from the EU. Imagine that we can bridge half of the digital divide, then calculate how much growth and happiness that would create around the world. You will be amazed.

My guess is that at least 30% of the world population is in one of the three groups of digitally deprived. If we can bridge the digital divide for them even for only a third of that total, the economic growth consequences will be enormous. My best guess is 10% extra world GDP and counting. At the same time, it will also increase the fairness of our capitalistic system, by helping the less capable (poor or old) to help themselves and participate actively and fully in the new normal of business and society. There would be more than just money, since it would also bring an increased level of activity and participation in life, and that is very important.

Picture the increase in happiness of 30% of the world population, including a substantial reduction in refugees. The latter taking away stress from developed countries and their populations and, as such, making them more happy too. There are many wins with this project and there is in fact no downside. Thus, chances are very high that helping to bridge the digital divide will pay itself back many times, not only in money, but also in fairness and happiness. Let’s take it on and make it happen. Countries can review their development aid budget and reorganize it to support the developing countries in the way described above, providing online training, laptops, broadband internet, remote jobs, remote trainers, remote diplomas, etc.

The elderly and the less capable would gain from help at their level of capabilities, with slower and simpler teaching methods plus a step-bystep approach. Their confidence would rise and thus the chances for them to contribute, or to keep on contributing, to business and society would increase very much too. Loneliness and boredom are hurting our seniors, let’s make sure that they can participate in the marvels of digitalization and its next leaps forward. The same goes without saying for the intellectually less capable, who deserve our help to improve their confidence in, respect for and believe in themselves.

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