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European Environment: Find out about saving the wetlands

In our latest European Environment article Wetlands International – Europe explains its work in decelerating wetlands losses. The rate of loss and deterioration of wetlands...

European politics: A new impetus for change? Just do it!

In our latest European politics article Catherine Feore muses on The Future of Europe. If you’ve wandered down rue de la Loi, you can’t miss...

Belgian Politics Covid-19: European Union Digital Green Pass

In our latest Belgian Politics Covid-19 article Catherine Feore is hoping that the new season will accelerate foreign travel. Spring has certainly sprung - snowdrops,...

Brussels blogging: The identity of the Berlaymonster revealed

In our latest Brussels blogging article Catherine Feore chats to the man behind a mysterious blog. Lurking in the depths of the European Commission’s Berlaymont...

COVID-19 Economy: The digital divide essential for global recovery

Dave Deruytter looks at a puzzling discrepancy - the digital divide in the post COVID-19 economy. Bridging the digital divide is essential for a full...

EU Politics: Gold Stars All Around

Politics: Catherine Feore takes a look at what back-to-school means for the EU. At 3:30 on Monday morning (20 July) there was a buzz, I...

Politics: Together for EU Recovery

Politics: Catherine Feore reports as the EU prepares for the future. It is hard to grasp the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting economic consequences. Countries across Europe have had to take draconian actions to rescue...

Politics: Going Viral – Covid-19

Catherine Feore looks into the worldwide breakout of COVID-19. Where do you want to be if there is a coronavirus (COVID-19) breakout? Well, preferably on...

Politics: The EU Stability & Growth Pact

Catherine Feore looks at a bold statement on the EU by a European Commission president. The heading is misleading. It was said by a European...

Politics: Europe – Player Or Playground?

Politics: Catherine Feore takes a look at Europe and its new geopolitical ambitions. In the midst of faltering multilateral efforts on just about every front...
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