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COVID-19 Economy: The digital divide essential for global recovery

Dave Deruytter looks at a puzzling discrepancy - the digital divide in the post COVID-19 economy. Bridging the digital divide is essential for a full...

World economy: Going to war over trade. Really?

In his regular world economy column Dave Deruytter attempts to make sense of the impending boxing bouts between Trump… and anyone who will take...

Economy and money tips: Inflation is back

Dave Deruytter looks at the economy, in particular the state of bonds, stock markets and mortgage rates. Inflation is back at levels not often seen...

European politics: More power to the people

In his regular Together magazine European politics column, Gerry Callaghan finds the current state of the political word simply insane. Most of us were happy...

World economy: The rise of the robots

Dave Deruytter looks at the world economy, suggesting that the human to cyborg route may happen faster than we think. Will humans dream of...

Art investment: The emotional bond

Dave Deruytter looks into how art investment can have an emotional and monetary value. More and more art galleries and fairs come to Brussels. Why,...

World economy: Deflation

Dave Deruytter looks at why the economy is in deflation and how we can get out of it. Economic growth around the globe is essentially...

TTIP: Uniting the unions

It will be the biggest bilateral trade deal ever negotiated, saving millions for our businesses and creating countless jobs for our struggling economy. It...

Making smart choices with personal finances

Personal financial advice is all about you. You should take it very personally. No surprise that bankers or financial advisors ask you many questions...

Time to act: Reforming the real economy

A lot has happened since the onset of the worldwide financial and economic crisis in 2007.After a false start by letting Lehman Brothers go...
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