Elle Magazine: Happy Birthday


Samantha Sturgis‘ Christmas came early this year…

I got the last golden ticket! Well, not really, but now I know what Charlie felt when he held that golden ticket in his hand to finally see the inside of the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory – or in my case, the inside of an ELLE party. I was elated when I received an invitation to go to the Elle birthday extravaganza to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the magazine. I waited in anticipation, counting down the days until the Friday, November 22nd, finally came. 

At 10:30 p.m the doors opened, and the girls at the reception checked me off the guest list, tied a red bracelet around my wrist and lead me through the glass doors. Dressed in leather pants – those are still cool right? – I walked into a brightly lit room where a photographer was capturing beautiful girls in black mini dresses, high heels, tanned skin and perfect smiling faces. Following the sound of booming music, I came upon the darkly lit grand room filled with spotlights, a DJ, bars with handsome bartenders, a buffet of fine Asian cuisine and a teetering tower of champagne bottles. Passing waiters were serving moist sponge cakes with rich chocolate and vanilla frosting along with an endless supply of champagne.There was something for everyone: you could dance on stage where the DJ was spinning tracks, get your hair done by Loréal professionals, sit down and enjoy the endless supply of dessert (a personal favorite), or take selfies with friends in the ELLE photo booth.

The mood of the party was energetic and fun as I had a chance to mingle with an eclectic group of presenters, performers, journalists and ‘it girls’ galore. After a fulfilling night of socializing, dancing and sipping on Schweppes’ grapefruit gin and tonic it was time to go home. I once again passed through the glass doors to a handful of goddesses passing out goodie bags filled with perfumes, moisturizers, magazines, drinks and makeup – Christmas in a bag. The ELLE birthday bash was truly the event of the year – and it was certainly better than any chocolate factory.