Fashion advice: Make sure you dress for the heat


Our fashion advice expert Denitsa Tsekova makes dressing fancy in the heat simpler.

So, how to dress fancy when the weather is scorching?

It’s that time of the year when we all want to forget about work, go to a tropical island and enjoy life. Well, even if you do that you still have to come back and work in the heat. However, the rise in temperature is no excuse to let down your dressing standards. Together knows that looking smart is harder in the summer, therefore we have some recommendations about the type of clothing that will make working in the summer more enjoyable. We will also give you some fashion advice for more extreme situations.

Put all your black clothes in the basement and prioritize all your light-colour ones. Most of you probably know that one but we put a big importance on it because we have tested it. Pastel colors like white, beige and grey are fancy, allow you to make great combinations and honestly look better on you in the summer. They will absorb less sun than the darker colours so that you will not be walking around like a sun magnet.

Summer clothing should be made of breathable materials, such as cotton and linen. These fabrics dispel heat and allow moisture to pass through. What you should avoid is polyester, nylon and silk because there are not made of breathable materials. They will cause you discomfort and irritation and you can’t afford that when it is almost 30 degrees. Linen shirts are a must, although they need a lot of ironing. You should also choose clothes with simpler cuts and do not put on too many layers.

Forget about the skintight clothing, we’ll go back to it later in the year. What we need is more airflow so the looser the clothes are, the better for you. Do not go too far, this does not mean oversized or baggy clothing. Women are lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to wear skirts – do not miss it. Skirts are so much better than pants, still look fancy but will make you feel more comfortable. Dresses, of course, have the same effect and are always the fanciest choice.