Fashion advice: Make sure you dress for the heat


FASHION ADVICE Sun protection
Not only sun cream and sunglasses are important for protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Clothing can be a good safeguard, as the sun not only damages skin but raises your body temperature. Therefore, long-sleeve shirts are not only classier but they are also protecting your body. Same thing with shorts and long pants, the latter is always the best choice for the summer. The neck is a sensitive area so if possible try to cover it, a nice shirt will work for that one as well. A top that can be untucked with minimal wrinkling damage is good protection for outdoors and at the same time good cooling down for indoors.

Summer jackets should be unlined so that you reduce layers and heat as well. However, this makes them look less formal so be careful with wearing it on official events. Half lined jackets would be a good idea, still, they have multiple layers removed but they look fancier than the ones mentioned above. Be careful of how they are tailored as sometimes the edges are too exposed. Together recommends light buttons like horn or mother of pearl for summer jackets.

Swollen feet is not our favourite thing in the summer, therefore let’s wear comfortable and not constraining shoes. The shoes’ soles are an important part – they should be made of breathable materials such as canvas or cotton. Forget about the leather and rubber shoes, this is not the right season for them. Wear lightweight cotton or wool socks and please no barefoot. Make sure that shoes fit the feet properly, as this will cause unwanted swelling. And why not go for some open toe shoes which are perfect for the ladies.

Finally, Together has some little tricks for you. Choose a warm shower instead of a cold one. The cold one will be more satisfying for the moment, but the hot one will wash away the dead cells that make you feel hotter. Another trick that we recommend is bringing a handkerchief with you as this will be much more hygienic than cleaning sweat with your sleeve. Having a change of clothes is always a good idea – even if you follow all our tips it is good to have a Plan B if an important meeting shows up. Don’t forget to finish your look by accessorizing with items such as sunglasses. A simple thing like this can be a lifesaver this summer.