Fashion: Racso Jugarap – Inspiring others


Fashion: We feature Racso Jugarap, an inspirational local fashion entrepreneur.

Every entrepreneur has his or her Eureka moment – this one belongs to Racso Jugarap who describes himself as a “basement artist”.

Why a basement artist? Well I started this career in our small, dark and damp basement a year ago. Living in a small apartment in Brussels I barely had any space in it to express my creativity without soiling the couch. That’s why I worked in the basement. But later when my art started to get noticed and bigger projects came from different directions, I decided to leave the basement and rented a bigger and spacious atelier. Something that has changed the game for me.

Now I never have to worry about space for the productions or angry neighbours complaining about the smell of the materials that I use.

A bowtie made of rattan? Really? This idea of a bowtie made of rattan came up while I was thinking of new ideas for a piece that I could add to my sculptural collections. I was busy doing a bow tie made of wire at the time, a material that I love to use in my sculptures.

Then suddenly, Stomae’s song Evora played on the radio. I played it really loud even if I barely understood the lyrics because I was so drawn to its cultural and island vibe. And DING! My light bulb illuminates. Why not create a bowtie with an Island feel on it? Made from a material that is abundant in the archipelago where I came from. Then the Rattan Bowtie was born. Later I learned that the song was about Cesaria Evoria, the Barefoot Diva from Cape Verde.”

Ups and downs: I also had my fair share of failures and disappointments, especially when I was starting this career. Those were really though days. But I guess if you’re really passionate and love what you are doing, you could train your mind to see those mistakes as lessons and challenges not as failures. It could really toughen your skin and make you learn how to enjoy the process: pick up the nuggets of knowledge along the way – deal with it – never whine and complain.

Past life: Before pursuing this passion, I was a chef for five years. It gave me the chance to travel around the world and see the energy, beauty and culture the world has to offer beyond what I knew growing up in a small city in the southern part of the Philippines. It has really showed me possibilities that I would have thought impossible.

Inspiring: I have always been that person who loves to inspire others to follow their own dreams. I believe that if you’re really passionate about something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. If it doesn’t, just keep following your dreams anyway, because nobody will.

Things I love to do on my free time are: reading books, dancing (I was a fire dancer at some point. Youtube Kalayo Racso. That’s me in those videos skinny years ago. lol) Preparing a hearty meal (I’ve been trying to be a healthy eater). I love to meet interesting new people, going to art expositions (Brussels has a lot of those), sharing deep conversations about life to strangers in the train…

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