Fine wines: The Loire and the Elysian fields


In our fine wines section we look at a region that is very much in the pink.

The market share from rosé wine doubled between 1997 and 2007 from 14.8% to 32.2%. Today, France is the biggest rosé wine consumer in the world just ahead of the US. Rosé is the only colour that holds onto its customers.  In other words, the purchase of wines per year per household tend to decline except for rose wine. Among non-sparkling wines, rosé wine contributes more in the value in the market in comparison to the average non-sparkling wine.

The Loire valley is a leading player among the rosé wines, with 14 appellations produced on 9,500 ha, in second place in the AOP rosé production in France. Cabarnet D’Anjou is the uncontested leader and represents 72% of the total of rosé wines.  It’s one of the best-known names in France with an awareness of almost 70%, the same level as the Provence.

Elysis is a symbolic vintage from the revival of Les Caves de la Loire. It represents the best parcels of the Loire vineyards. The name reminds us of Elysium, the final resting place of the souls of the heroic and the virtuous in Greek mythology and religion and of Lys, a lily that became a powerful symbol in France and is often associated with the Loire valley) With an annual production of more than 800, 000 bottles, is Elysis one of the leading brands of the Loire valley

Sustainable development
The rebranding of the well-known rosé wine from the Loire brings a better understanding of it, especially showing off the vineyard sustainable development certificate, something the brand proudly emphasizes. Elysis, a vintage that created in the beginning of the 21th century and known for its Cabernet and Rosé D’Anjou, is positioning itself as one of the future pearls of central France, in a region rich in wine and history.

The rosé D’Anjou Elysis is for sale in Colruyt or via their webshop for €4.99. The Cabernet D’Anjou is for sale in Spar shops for €5.99. You’ll find advice and hints on the wines on