Self help: Get energy for your ambitions


In our self help pages Anna Boroshok offers five actionable to help you find your energy.

Have you ever realized that energy is a top factor in reaching your goals? We painfully feel its scarcity when we run out of batteries for what really matters for us: going an extra mile at work to get that promotion, organizing quality and fun time for your loved ones or building a business you always dreamt about.

What if I told you that energy is manageable and you can have it at your disposal every day? And you can learn how to obtain it right now. If you follow the following five steps, I promise you, you will not know where to distribute all the energy you will be possessing.

Step 1: Wake up to your favourite song
Let me guess your typical morning routine. When your alarm start buzzing, you want to destroy it with a very large hammer. After snoozing it three times, you finally open your heavy eyes with thoughts of “Ugh, another day to survive till the weekend”. Do you think you will burst with energy after such a start? Of course not! You will learn how to fix your mental side in Step 2 but for now let’s fix your alarm routine.

Did you know that there are easy-to-use apps out there that pull a chosen song into your alarm? Find the app that suits you and drop your favourite song into it – I use SpotOn Alarm. Now, let’s hope your favourite song is not I don’t like Mondays or Everybody hurts. Your alarm song should inspire you, motivate you and boost your energy the moment you hear it. Good examples are It’s My Life by Bon Jovi, We Are the Champions by Queen, Shine Like a Star by Bob Marley or I Feel Good by James Brown.

Step 2: Take control of your mind, start your day with ‘priming’
Priming is conditioning your body and mind to a state of peak performance. It takes approximately 15 minutes but changes your whole day immediately. One of the best priming exercises is the one by Tony Robbins and can be easily found online. Here is what it consists of:

● Breathing exercise which pumps your body with oxygen and makes your blood circulate faster (by the way, it will also keep you younger longer).
● Gratitude exercise where you exercise gratitude towards any three things you pick up that morning. Gratitude gives us a feeling of plenty which makes us feel good and energetic.
● Healing exercise. That’s where you ask God or Universe to heal your physical and emotional body. Forgiving, letting go of negative feelings and ultimately sending your light to those you want to send it to. This exercise frees you from emotional burdens which block your energy.
● Energising exercise. During this exercise you imagine energy coming to you from the core of the earth, filling you in, going up into the space and bringing pure energy to your body, cleaning it and filling it with light.
● The most powerful part: Success visualizing exercise. For the last three minutes you visualize three achievements that will make you feel fulfilled in life. You need to live them in your thoughts, feel the emotion of being happy, gratefully visualizing your success in detail.

The last exercise alone can change your energy and life completely. All of a sudden you will feel and see your goals clearly. The universe will start giving you solutions to reach them, opportunities will start popping up, your brain will start generating ideas to reach those goals as if by magic. And, of course, you will wake up full of energy ready to achieve your ultimate goals. If you don’t believe in the power of a thought and its connection to everything around, read about quantum psychology. And remember, you are what you think. Divorce your negative beliefs and substitute them with positive ones.