Fitness tips: 10 top ways to stay fit and well


FITNESS TIPS 6 – Relax to stay well
Gone are the days when spa was seen as an indulgence. Nowadays, society is starting to accept that spa and relaxation are in fact vital to a wellbeing lifestyle, with clear benefits for every aspect of our health.

At Aspria wellbeing is about how you feel, not simply how fit you areIt’s about being truly well at a physical, mental and emotional level – which is why spa and relaxation are core to the offering at every one of our clubs. Even if half an hour is all you have, this is a chance not only to relax, but also to place yourself in expert hands to redress your physical and mental balance. It’s the restorative time your body and mind need to function effectively in everyday life.

7 – Strong = sexy
Finally, it seems women no longer have to be skinny to be seen as attractive. Amen to that. What’s now deemed sexy is in fact a strong, athletic, toned body – which means women, as well as men, can finally be healthy and feel attractive at the same time, building strong, resilient bodies and enjoying healthy, balanced, nutritious diets.

8 – Eating for health
With a growing body of research showing how our gut health – and indeed the food we eat – can impact everything from our immunity to our mood, it’s no overstatement to say that food is increasingly being viewed as medicine. ‘Clean eating’ is the avoidance of processed foods in favour of real, wholesome ingredients that boost our health. 

We’re 100% in favour of this. Indeed, our in-club restaurants have always focused not on diet fads but on tasty, healthy dishes that feature wholesome, locally sourced ingredients. After all, you are what you eat – and in a 360° approach to wellbeing, it’s vital that our food intake complements and supports the rest of our wellbeing efforts.

9 – Sleep quality

It’s no coincidence that a growing number of apps and trackers monitor not only how many steps you do each day, and how many calories you burn, but also the quality of your sleep. Sleep has long been neglected as a contributor to health, but with our busy (sleep-deprived) lifestyles increasingly leading to burn-out, we’re finally paying attention to this most vital of (in)activities.

And it’s a good thing, because lack of sleep is an important contributing factor to a number of health issues, from stress and weight gain to risk of stroke. This year there is more and more focus on the quality of our sleep – specifically, how to achieve the health-restoring deep sleep we all need, from monitoring our diet and alcohol intake, to our mobile phone use, to our exercise choices.

10 – Stay on trackWe’re all becoming very interested in tracking our activity and wellness habits 24/7 – steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality achieved. We’re totally behind this. Our holistic approach to wellbeing means our clubs embrace many different facets of what makes us all feel good – from spa and group classes, sports and fitness, to social events and nutritious cuisine.

But we also know you can’t be at the club 24/7; maintaining a wellbeing lifestyle outside the club is also crucial, so you don’t undo all your good work with us. Indeed, technology such as apps and trackers can be great tools to help ensure we reach our goals quicker, by doing the right things outside the club to complement our wellbeing programmes in the club.