Fitness: Yoga for your body, mind and spirit


Radiant Light Yoga
Radiant Light Yoga is close to Rue Stevin in the Schuman area and provides a €10 Intro Offer for two classes within reach of the EU Quarter and a stone’s throw away from the European Commission’s Berlaymont building. Their mission is to inspire lifelong learning, joyful practice, mindful living and a sense of connectedness. Whether you are brand new to yoga, or if you have an existing practice, you can choose from a wide range of classes such as Yoga Fundamentals to Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and even Kundalini available also after 20h00. The centre is comfortable and the teachers friendly, international and English-speaking. The website offers some useful Home Practice videos including a nine-minute meditation technique with Kristen MacPherson for coping with the stresses of modern-day living.

Sampoorna Yoga Studio

Sampoorna Yoga Studio has a Trial Offer of 10 days at €20 and offers a vigorous, energising and relaxing style of Hatha Yoga in the Sivananda tradition. A complete workout for the body while calming your mind and nourishing your spirit. Daily yoga classes including yoga for children, meditation, prenatal yoga and a wide variety of workshops are available to help you maintain your health and wellbeing. The studio is located in the heart of Brussels – near the buzz of Rue Antoine Dansaert, yet far from the noise of the city. A haven of peace where one can practice authentic yoga this studio even offers Family Yoga Sessions for parents and children age four and up at €25 for one parent and child together.

Yoga Room
Yoga Room is a well-known yoga studio frequented by many busy EU officials searching for some balance in their lives. The studio’s motto is a happy thought once a day keeps the doctor away. Disconnect from your routine to reconnect with yourself and feel refreshed. This big, bright and beautiful centre located in the quieter district of Saint Gilles offers an amazing yoga experience in the heart of Brussels thanks to a complete Yoga offer – the B Discovery Pass at €60 for 30 days unlimited yoga, providing you with excellent international yoga teachers and outstanding facilities.

Keep Calm and Chant OM as part of your practice
Om is a mantra that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. Also originating in India, the mantra is considered to have high spiritual and creative power however it can be recited by anyone. Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating. The sound OM or AUM when chanted vibrates at the frequencies of 432Hz which is the same frequency found throughout everything in nature. As such OM is the basic sound of the universe and by chanting it we are tuning in to that sound and acknowledging our connection to all other living beings, nature and the universe.

In addition, the vibration can also have a positive physical effect on the body by slowing down the nervous system and calming the mind. When the mind is relaxed your blood pressure decreases and ultimately your health improves. Finally, it is also a way to delineate the time of your yoga practice from the rest of the day and signify that this is a special time to care for yourself and your wellbeing.