Five trends redefining wellbeing in 2024


Aspria looks at the main wellbeing trends for the year ahead

Aspria, the international group of leading premium clubs, which brings together over 10,000 members in Brussels, is sharing the emerging trends that are transforming the way we experience fitness and wellbeing in a time of unparalleled change. 

“Wellness in 2024 will become more holistic than ever”

Holistic Wellness Shift: Wellness in 2024 will become more holistic than ever, with equal emphasis on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. The approach we’re encouraging is one that supports your health from every angle, and we are planning for even more integrated wellbeing and cultural programming across our clubs in 2024. 

Bringing People Together: Studies have long highlighted the link between maintaining social connections and overall wellbeing. Recently the World Health Organisation launched its first Commission for Social Connection, making loneliness a global health priority. Within every Aspria club, you can find a hub of communities around sports like tennis or group exercise, as well as regular social and networking events. 

Mental Health Revolution: The concept of ‘Psychological Fitness’ is becoming more relevant. We are seeing a growing success in disciplines such as mindfulness and meditation, as well as an increased awareness that physical activities help reduce anxiety and cope with stress. Our Aspria Works spaces also enable you to transform your remote working experience, avoiding the isolation that it usually implies. While the Aspria clubs themselves are designed to combine facilities for relaxation, fitness, childcare and work in one place to reduce stressful logistics.   

“The concept of ‘psychological fitness’ is becoming more relevant”

Expert Guidance:  As technology continues to reshape our approach to wellbeing in 2024, from more wearable tech to AI-powered solutions, it becomes clear that, without informed interpretation, data generated by health apps and devices can be ineffective or, at worst, misleading. For some much-needed expert guidance and targeted recommendations based on physiological markers, movement analytics, lifestyle and goals, you can turn to our AspriaPro Health service – the most comprehensive assessment of its kind in Europe. 

“We have reimagined our wellness spaces exploring the therapeutic effects of water”

The Value of Recovery: Recovery is becoming essential in order to prevent injury after training, with innovative tools such as massage guns and cryotherapy gaining popularity. However, the best solutions are always in the form of connected services, which we are developing further across our fitness areas and spas. For instance, at Aspria Royal La Rasante we have reimagined our wellness spaces exploring the therapeutic effects of water.