Food: The Chocolate & Wine Taste Bomb


Food: The Master Chocolatiers of Neuhaus called in… a wine expert for their tastes chocolate and wine taste bomb.

On their own, they are delicious; in combination, the oral sensation is out of this world. Chocolate and wine are a match made in heaven. The right pairing of chocolate and wine brings the hidden aromas in both gourmet treats to the surface, and the result is an astonishing taste bomb. But this is no secret for the Master Chocolatiers of Neuhaus. The founder of the Belgian praline has created a collection of six pralines that make the perfect pairings with red and white wines.

For the creation of its Wine Pairing Collection, Neuhaus called in the expertise of the acclaimed sommelier and wine writer Sepideh Sedaghatnia. Aided by wine experts from the Gault&Millau team, they came up with a collection of six pralines and a selection of wines that place a whole new accent on the traditional tasting ritual. Sepideh and the Master Chocolatiers selected a range of surprising ingredients for the pralines that partner perfectly with the variety of flavours that are so characteristic of wines.

The Master Chocolatiers have created three pralines made with different ganache fillings that go perfectly with the tannins and complex variety of flavours that are so characteristic of most red wines. Aficionados can choose for a specific type of wine to go with each praline.

• A robust red wine goes wonderfully with a praline with a smooth filling of Earl Grey, mango puree and acacia honey.
• A rather fruity red wine is a particularly good match with an outspoken praline made with saffron, Colombian chocolate, blackberries, pungent rosemary honey and white chocolate.

• A smoky red wine is a good combination with a praline made with cherries, Costa Rican pure chocolate, finished with white chocolate and blackcurrant cocoa butter.

The Master Chocolatiers have created three pralines made with a delicious praliné that is a harmonious match for the smooth, fine acidity and typical primary flavours of fruit, flowers and herbs that are characteristic of most medium-sweet and dry white wines. Here again, aficionados can choose for a specific type of wine to create the perfect taste experience.

• A floral white wine and a praline made with acacia honey, crispy hazelnut praline and cardamom, coated with milk chocolate are a delight for the taste buds.

• A more full-bodied white wine goes well with a praline made with almond praliné and olive oil with a touch of sea salt.
• A dry white wine will find its ideal partner in a praline with mixed seeds, finished with Dulcey chocolate and paprika powder.

1 + 1 = 3: Carrying out an optimal tasting is simple: first take a piece of chocolate, then a mouthful of wine and then another piece of chocolate. Both gourmet treats will then reveal their very best characteristics. Try it for yourself; you will be amazed to discover that 1 + 1 can actually make 3!

The perfect nightcap: The Wine Pairing Collection gift box is elegant with its luxury finish. It also contains a detailed leaflet with wine recommendations by Sepideh Sedaghatnia and more information about the ideal pairing ritual. The perfect gift for all lovers of chocolate and wine. Say goodbye to coffee with cookies; wine with pralines is the new and perfect way to end a convivial autumn or winter evening in excellent company.

Practical details: The Neuhaus Wine Pairing Collection is available in all Neuhaus boutiques and at for €28. A 2016 Tugela River Red Blend and a 2017 Chardonnay will also be available in the Belgian boutiques offering the perfect match for the praline collection.