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Global vision – Individual approach
“Our emphasis has always been on how we can create a learning environment that nurtures students as well as encourages them to move forward, no matter what level they are at,” says Mitchell. “The feedback from IB was that we had a deep understanding of differentiation – understanding that the backgrounds of the students can influence where they’re learning journey begins and which direction it takes.”

In other words, students are treated as individuals with different learning approaches and needs. “All of these sorts of things that are about the needs of the students – these are the things that came to the surface in the IB report. It was a perfect external validation of what we are and what we believe in.”

Student Experience – Learning in Colour!
The big question is: How do students experience this type of learning? “A student who joined us this year and who had been in a couple of schools before put it beautifully,” recalls Hertay. “We were amazed because it captured exactly what we are trying to do. She said: “You know, at my other schools it was like I was learning in black-and-white. Here, it’s like I’m learning in colour.”

The admission period for the 2020-21 school year has begun at BEPS

BEPS International School
23 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
1050 Brussels

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