Longchamp Brussels takes the stage


Together’s Coralie Tilot visits the revamped Longchamp boutique on Avenue Louise, which has just unveiled a new concept.

Crossing the threshold of a Longchamp boutique anywhere in the world, you’ll feel like you’ve been welcomed into a friend’s Parisian apartment. The mise-en-scène reflects the passions, experiences and personality of each boutique. Longchamp’s new design concept reflects its heritage and craftsmanship, energy and optimism.

Unlike shops that advocate the same decor, the French family-owned fashion house opts for a personalized atmosphere in each of its shops. Sophie Delafontaine, grand daughter of the founders, and artistic director of Longchamp, explains this: “By giving each Longchamp boutique its own identity, we offer customers an experience, a glimpse at an art of living.”

“Each Longchamp boutique has its own identity, we offer customers an experience, a glimpse at an art of living”

Inspired by the idea of the typical Parisian apartment, the decor creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and highlights the values shared by Longchamp and its customers, in particular a curious, artistic and cosmopolitan spirit. “The Belgian client has a real knowledge of craftsmanship. There’s an attachment to ‘casual chic’, audacity, aesthetics and design,” says Delafontaine.

The lounge area and the library, where bags, ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories are displayed, encourage you to take your time and discover the new collection. What could be nicer than sitting on the comfortable sofa designed by Pierre Paulin and leafing through magazines and books inspired by the latest trends of the season. 

“The Belgian client has a real knowledge of craftsmanship

The shop benefits from a very beautiful space, composed of a ground floor and an upper floor. The store’s double-height facade adds a transparency making the interiors visible and very impactful. The walls are adorned with wickerwork to support the sleek, natural and elegant appearance of the shop. An oak Wave table by designer Pierre Renart in the window also adds a certain warmth. 

Ceramics by Dutch artist Floris Wubben and a vintage Italian chandelier, as well as two works by Toulouse artist François Bonnel entitled ‘Park Life 1 & 2’ aren’t what you expect in any other boutique. A key element of this new concept is the presence, in each boutique, of at least one item from the Longchamp archives. Longchamp began by making pipes and smoking articles covered in leather. A retro advertising poster from the era of leather-covered pipes takes its place above the small leather goods cabinet. 

This reopening marks the launch of the Longchamp Summer 2023 collection with a colour scheme that makes you crave travel and sunshine!