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In our latest luxury jewellery article Liz Newmark looks into luxury jewellery – when money is no object.

Jewellery is special. It is beautiful. And it never goes out of fashion. Could anyone dislike it when, in the words of Elizabeth Taylor, it “has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique”?

This summer I had the pleasure to talk to jewellery designers, from young Loris to established brand Olivia Hainaut, experience the passion they feel for their craft, and view their stunning creations – all hand-made and with love. I have visited special workshops for Brussels’ Jewellery Week and was amazed at creations made from anything from plasticine to pubic hair and got starry eyed over limited edition pieces on show for Brussels’ Saint Gilles commune’s Parcours des Artistes.

Little wonder then, that the luxury jewellery market continues to grow – with billions of dollars spent in the market per year. Together highlights just five of the world’s top designer brands for 2022: Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard. Their creations are the stuff of dreams – or reality if your purse is big enough. Other stars include Bulgari – famous for its large brightly-coloured gemstones and diamonds; Egyptian and Asian design-inspired Boucheron; and Mikimoto – the Japanese brand known as the first to create cultured pearls.
Luxury designers famed for bags, watches or perfume like Hermes, Chopard and Chanel also create beautiful, ‘forever’ pieces. Also, do not miss Alex Monroe’s designer bee pendant – one of the most iconic pieces in British jewellery and sparkly, brilliant Swarovski creations.

Jewellery may seem expensive – but take into account the hours made to make it, the time taken to source the best (and non-fake) stones and the rarity of some of the items, and it really is not. There is also the delight of ‘transformation jewellery’ when an old piece is reworked with new jewels – or just a purchase you can pass on as family heirlooms. I am almost convinced I will take the plunge and buy those beautiful silver fish earrings I saw in Saint Gilles after all…

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