Luxury jewellery: Belgian jewellery designer Laurence Vandenborre

LUXURY LIFESTYLE Duo Birthstone Ring
Duo Birthstone Ring

Liz Newmark looks at the new collection of handmade luxury jewellery designer Laurence Vandenborre – a celebration of childbirth.

A gem is born
Laurence Vandenborre, a young Belgian jewellery designer born in 1990 in Visé, in southern Belgium, was already selling her own handmade jewellery with Swarovski pearls at 14. With a goal of marketing her own collection, and – after graduating with a master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence (2013) and a degree in Gemology (2015), in June 2019 her dream came true.

Vandenborre’s aim is to design original jewellery that can be worn every day by women from all walks of life that reflects their personal style and improves their confidence. Fascinated by diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines and opals, she is keen to put them in the limelight and make them accessible to everyone.

Handmade in a workshop in Italy, all Laurence Vandenborre jewellery is made from 18 carat gold. In addition, gems Laurence uses are ethically analysed and selected. If you want diamonds, this jewellery will come with a grading report from a renowned diamond laboratory.

Her collection consists of four categories: ‘Imperfect Shape’, ‘Attempt of a Curve’, ‘In an 80s Heart’ and ‘Sketchy Architecture’. Despite their different styles, these capsule collections are united by their timeless, stylish and original appeal.

Laurence’s jewellery ooze emotion, memories, passion and love. “I love the idea of every woman being able to buy her own jewellery and that pieces will be passed down from generation to generation,” she says.

Her latest collection – A Gem is Born – encapsulates this desire to make jewellery so personal. She has created a stunning range of jewels to celebrate the birth of a child – in single, duo or trio birthstone rings. Laurence herself, following the birth of her first child Louis, last December, proudly wears a trio ring – with a tanzanite for Louis, sapphire for her husband and emerald for herself.

She explains that each month is associated to a precious gemstone linked to a symbol or personality trait. “The diamond is often associated with the strength of babies born in April,” she says. “The sapphire of September is synonymous with wisdom.”

And – in case you did not know – here is the full birthstone list: January – garnet; February – amethyst; March – aquamarine; April – diamond; May – emerald; June – alexandrite; July – ruby; August – peridot; September – sapphire; October – tourmaline; November – citrine; and December – blue topaz.

Laurence Vandenborre jewellery, handmade in her atelier in Antwerp – the world’s leading diamond center since 1447 – is available at Kabiri in London, Galeries du Diamant in Paris, Agathe in Visé or online.

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