“Monstrous” car wows Los Angeles auto show


Everything is extraordinary in this blue convertible which costs $1.1 million, from its curvaceous body to its gigantic tyres.

Strategically placed at the entrance of the auto show in Los Angeles, the Youabian Puma boasts a “pleasant” or “monstrous” silhouette, depending on your tastes. It has quickly become one of the star attractions at the event, which today opened its doors to the public.

Other adjectives such as “ridiculous” and “insane” have been bandied around by visitors and commentators alike. But its designer, Dr. Kami Youabian – a plastic surgeon, according to the Los Angeles Times – simply described it as a “fun car”.

“The Puma was created with one goal in mind: to stand out and be unique,” proclaims the glossy brochure.

It adds: “It was designed for people who dare to be different rather than ordinary, those who step forward towards their dream and their goal to be the best possible.”

Project manager Onnik Hovansian said the aim was to build an extraordinary car, and produce others only to order. “It’s a very unique design that he dreamed up and decided to put into reality,” Hovansian said.

Developed and built entirely in Los Angeles, the Puma is more than 6 metres long and 2.5 metres wide. The wheels have a width of 53 cm and a height of over a metre.

According to the Los Angeles Times, there is still only one of them and construction took five years. Potential future buyers will have to fork out $250,000 as a deposit and be prepared to wait up to two years for before they can get behind the wheel.