Movie star Halle Berry is changing the film business


 You’re also very active as a business entrepreneur with your own production company and your 50% ownership in a lingerie company (Scandale).
It’s incredibly important to find something you are passionate about. Then you want to work harder and grow in what you do. It’s the kind of thing where you never say to yourself: “Thank God it’s Friday,” because you like the work and you want to be successful.

How do manage your life as a single mother?
My children make me a better individual and give so much meaning to my life. They’ve helped me discover a lot about myself and also given me more joy than I ever expected.

I waited a long time to start a family, but I don’t think I was ready until I hit 40. I had to figure out a lot of things first and when I finally had my first child, I felt ready for that responsibility.

You’re generally recognised as one of the most beautiful as well as the fittest women in Hollywood. How do you stay in such great shape?
As a diabetic, I’ve had to be careful when it comes to paying close attention to what I eat and leading a healthy lifestyle. I had no choice, but it’s also paid off for me.  I’ve also tried to be a role model for other people who have diabetes and show that you can lead a very productive life and not let it hold you back.

I think taking care of your body also makes you feel more confident and energetic overall and I’m sure it makes me feel more positive about my life in general.

MOVIE STAR HALLE BERRY You’ve said in the past that your mother has been a role model for you. Do you also see yourself as a role model for your children?
Yes. I’m very conscious of living in a way that will inspire and teach my children to be better individuals. I want to be as kind and wise and grateful when I’m around them so that they will appreciate those qualities as they grow older and make their way in life.

I want to set a very good example for them and share the values that have always been a big part of my world and helped guide me. I want to love them, teach them, and help them grow up with a sense of curiosity and generosity that will carry them through life.

How has your experience as a mother changed you?
I think I’m pretty much the same person I’ve been for most of my life. I feel I’ve grown a lot and discovered a lot of things about myself and about life during that time. But my spirit is the same. My children have fulfilled a need in me, though.

I have strong instincts as a mother, and I’ve experienced so much pure joy looking after them and feeling that I have a beautiful family around me that I can share my life with. It’s the best kind of feeling.

How do you see your life evolving now?
I’m enjoying every moment of this time in my life. I have a wonderful family, I’m doing interesting work, and I feel that my children make my life more beautiful every day.

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