Perfect wellbeing: 8 tips for a simply happy life

  1. Relaxation and Stress Management
    Stress is not always bad, as it pushes our body to adapt and become stronger. It is only negative when it becomes too great and our bodies are unable to adapt. You will find some simple stress management strategies in exercise, recreation, relationships, and religious or spiritual involvement

KEEP FITMovement is used as a great stress management strategy. However, when used for stress management, movement should be rhythmic in nature, and when performed slowly it often provides greater benefit. Examples of these are Tai Chi, Qui Gong or certain types of Yoga. Yoga is great as it offers both somatic and contemplative strategies. Along with meditation it has been shown to enhance various psychological capacities, health and maturity. Meditation and mindfulness are other ways of gaining peace of mind. Find a teacher close to you or try a web based class.

  1. Spirituality, Literature and Poetry
    Spirituality is very important to most people. People call on their religion for help and support when faced with illness as well as emotional and physical stress. It has been shown that people who participate in spiritual activities are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression or drug and alcohol abuse. Increased resilience, better relationships and marriages are also attributed to regular religious and spiritual involvement.

If we don’t feel attracted to a specific school of thought, reading spiritual literature and ancient masters brings positive habits, as does poetry and literature in general.

  1. Contribution and Service
    Service and contribution are part of a very ancient tradition and have been considered a means towards happiness, mental health and spiritual maturity. Altruistic behaviour is thought to reduce greed, jealousy and egocentricity, while enhancing love, joy and generosity. It is regarded as a virtue and benefits both the giver and receiver.

Various studies have been shown that people who volunteer are psychologically happier and healthier and may even live longer. When looking at elderly volunteers who assisted students having trouble at school, it was clear that they ended up feeling better and showed improved intellectual abilities and better brain function.

At the end of the day, taking all these eight aspects of our life into account will not cost that much, but may bring along much more ease and joy of living!

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