Personal development: Ask yourself ‘Who is driving the car?’


In July 2016, I geared up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and headed down south to the beautiful country of Tanzania. Yes, I wanted to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. And I was, both committed to climb and get to the summit. I remember the day we arrived at the foot of Kilimanjaro and stood humbled in her great presence. Looking up to her summit I asked myself, ‘How is this even possible? How the heck am I going to get all the way up there to the top?’ I remember feeling mixed emotions rush through my body seeking for the answer. After asking the same question in my head, again and again and again, the answer became clear. One step at a time. One camp at a time. One day at a time.

And that’s the answer to achieving success. It really is all about taking one step at a time. One step at a time. Keeping in mind the bigger picture and never losing sight of that winning image in your mind. Remembering on the path to success that challenges, doubt, sabotage will show up. But the secret is to keep on moving, keep on pushing with unwavering faith and belief. Always having in mind what our desired outcome looks like, smells like, feels like and even tastes like.

That’s how you win. That’s how you achieve success. Never giving up. Pushing through where others might quit.

The reason I climbed Kilimanjaro and visit Africa every year to participate in my exclusive Safari Leadership Experience in South Africa is because I know that I need to work on me. Not on my business. Not on anything other than me. I need to become a more advanced and sophisticated version of myself. Able to handle more pressure and deal with situations of greater complexity. And guess what? The moment I can handle those pressures, I will automatically become a greater driver.

Most business leaders come to me because they want to fix their business. Some of them come to me because they want my help to fix their money. But what most of them don’t understand is that, the moment we fix you, everything else will fix it self. 

To summarize, work on growing yourself. Invest in yourself, your most important asset. So that you can become a bigger player in your life. Look for challenges that will stretch you beyond your comfort zone. And be conscious of self-sabotage and notice how you might be your biggest obstacle that’s holding you back from stepping into your true power.

Be Great!