Personal Development: Protecting Your Positive Energy

Sarbani Sen offers up six ways to clear negative energy


Personal Development: The world is filled with many people, all with their own intentions and desires. Some have overwhelmingly positive energy, while others lean towards negativity. It’s not always possible to remove those negative people from our life; sometimes they’re your co-workers or even our family members or partners. Neither is it always possible to change such individuals for the better. And that leaves us in a bit of a tight spot, especially if we’re a highly sensitive individual or an empath. Luckily, we can get out of negative energy, not by changing the behaviour of the other but by changing what’s going on inside of ourselves.

1. Ask a question

What else is possible here? Who does this belong to? What can I do with this energy? What would bring me joy just now? And clarify your intention to step out of that darkness or negative energy. The act of saying out loud makes it real. So, when we decide that the amount of negative energy around us has become overwhelming and needs to be reduced, we begin by saying that out loud, not to anyone in particular. Just letting the sound of our voice fall back on our ears. Then, go to step 2.

2. Yawn

Seriously, it shifts energies! Many people think that yawning is a sign of boredom or discontentment – it actually clears the body of unwanted energy. That should come as a surprise, since breathing exercises help us reduce anxiety (and yawning is basically just that: a strong exhale). Let’s take a look at a few simple strategies for doing that.

3. Burn some incense, Palo Santo or sage
Maybe a depressed friend or annoying person spent the weekend at your house and the place is charged with negative energy. Or maybe you brought too much stress from outside. White sage has been used for centuries in smudging ceremonies to clear areas of unwanted energies and spirits. Palo Santo is also used in Ayuhasca ceremonies to clear energies, heal and ground. Spread the smell on your body by blowing on to it, then spread it into the room or house or apartment that needs to be ‘cleansed’.

4. Record yourself or write

Sometimes speaking to someone is not possible (because it’s at night or because it’s working hours) so recording yourself into a phone can be done instead. It’s awkward to say, but when we speak out loud and express what’s at stake, some kind of a higher intelligence arrives and somehow, after all has been said, the wise person inside of us, (or higher self as we call it in spirituality) arrives and gives us some very sound advice for just now. When writing the same occurs. This is why it is very healthy to keep an agenda and write every morning or every evening, or basically every time you have that uneasy feeling.

5. The Himalayan salt lamp

Ever seen a Himalayan salt lamp? These pink lamps you usually see in a baby room, or at the therapist. Not only does it look really cool, but it also cleanses the air around it and increases positive energy. Don’t ask me how, but that’s a fact. Its light is very appeasing too. Apparently, it does this by producing negative ions that latch onto positive ones that leak negativity. You can find a variety of Himalayan salt lamps at Sequoia (in Brussels) or any bio shop.

6. Take a bath

Use gross salt preferably or even neem powder (Indian origin). Just stay in the water for 15 minutes and let the salt take over all negative energy accumulated during the day. This can be done after a long day at work, or a distressful event or something like that. If you want to make it a pleasant moment, why not add a few drops of essential oils, and light some candles?

Whatever you do enjoy and remember “everything is the opposite of what it seems, nothing is the opposite of what it seems”!