Personal Development: Quantum Healing


Personal Development: Sarbani Sen delves into a spooky world where Physics and spirituality meet – Quantum Healing.

Ever heard of Quantum Physics? It is a science that observes the interconnection of micro particles. Access Consciousness blog desribes it as: “The quintessential quantum effect is entanglement… Entanglement binds together individual particles into an indivisible whole. Even when entangled particles are far apart, they still behave as a single entity, leading to what Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance.’”

The effects of quantum entanglements are starting to be observed in biology. They appear to govern photosynthesis, the process by which plants generate food and energy from light and water. The theory that connection to the earth’s magnetic field explains how birds know how and where to migrate has been disproved; the latest research is showing it can only be explained using quantum entanglements.

In his excellent documentary The Black Whole, Nassim Haramein, a renowned Israeli quantum physicist based in Hawaii, pictures this phenomena very clearly, describing what it means to be interconnected in a microcosmic and macrocosmic way and how far it all leads. You can it on can watch it on Youtube. in his research on water particles, Japanese scientist Emoto has made another vivid demonstration of how sound affects the shape and formation of water crystals. In his experiments, the shape of the water molecules change according to the vibration and style of music, creating harmonious or disharmonious shapes.

Stephen Hawking of the University of Cambridge, says: “The relativity theory must give way to a deeper theory in which space and time do not exist.” This is the basis of quantum healing. In this multi sensory, multi dimensional session you access the quantum field with an intention of creating wellbeing in your mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and physical bodies. As time and space are interconnected in other dimensions, the quantum works in the here and now, transcending the weight and the heaviness of space and time.

Healing is instantaneous once the particles in the body are released from old tensions, judgements, conclusions and points of views, or as Yogi Bhajan calls them in Kundalini Yoga “subconscious blocages of mind forms”. All the techniques that are used today work on the same concept: release our minds from the burden of rigid and limitative thought forms that were built in the past (of our lives or even lives of our forefathers as this translates into our genetic code).

Our physical world and spiritual bodies are made from and are surrounded by energy, in a harmonic way. So, working on disease is also working on blocked energies, allowing them to flow again and create a harmonious melodic field in the various bodies.