Personal Development: What Is Healing?


Another way to picture healing is to search for and eventually arrive at the truth. The truth of who you are. That is why my intuition tells me that, later on in history, we will speak about this period as the ‘Truth Age’, just as we used to talk of the ‘Stone Age’. The world needs healing, and for that to happen, we need to stop looking at the effects and dig down to the roots of the chaos we have created. What is behind what we see? Who has planted the seeds of separation and conflict? Whose interests are served? We will only solve climate change and other conflicts by digging out the most poisonous roots and thereby getting to the truth. That is, of course, not an easy task and not a one-man job.

We all need to dig in, and in no matter what sector we are asking more questions about truth. Is this good, moral, serving life or beneficial to humanity and the planet? Another important question that we can all ask is: ‘Is this a quick fix or a sustainable solution?’ If the answer is that it is just a quick fix, there is a need to rethink it. Quick fixes are like not finding out the truth about yourself and who you are, but instead closing your eyes. Maybe you go on another shopping spree in the mall, or you swallow a tranquilizer, have a drink, soothe yourself with some cake and sweets, indulge in casual sex, or gamble. The escapes from the truth are many and varied: the truth of who you are. I am not saying that all of this is bad, it is beautiful to make love and it is nice to have a drink, but when it is an escape from your problems and from yourself, suddenly it loses its beauty.

For personal healing to happen, for a person to become free of any behaviour, thoughts and feelings that keep you from loving yourself and distance you from loving life, there need to be questions and answers, and this is what healing does. It asks the right questions to find the authentic answers. It sees behind the apparent truth to the absolute truth by going deeper than meets the eye.

To help society and the world heal, we need to have the same fearless aim for the truth as we have in any personal healing that sets a person free to be him or herself. Let us all shine a conscious light on clarity and truth this spring. And accept the healing of this world. Together.