Personal Development: Wings of Wisdom


Personal Development: Intuitive healer and therapist Katarina Winslow reflects on wisdom belonging.

Wisdom is about letting nature be and knowing that everything and everyone is connected to each other, just like the right wing and the left wing belong to the same bird. Pushing it a little further, we can ask ourselves what would happen if the two wings didn’t belong to
the same bird? Would the bird be able to fly then? No, it would fall out of the sky in a twisted spiral, to meet its destiny.

Isn’t that precisely what is happening to us? If we imagine that all humanity is a bird, just one bird, aren’t we trying to pull the wings of the bird apart, making it plummet to the ground? On a global level, everything and everyone is connected, and it is clear that we lack respect for nature.

As for humanity, there is a growing absence of inclusiveness of all parts and facets of humanity and a loss of consideration for all life on earth. Social injustices increase daily, metaphorically pulling the wings of the bird apart. Everybody who knows history is aware that it is inequality, conflict and chaos that permeate our communities to tear the wings of the bird apart, to tear humanity apart. As world citizens, it is wise to truly see the world, to understand the interconnectedness of everything and everyone to maintain peace.

On a personal level, inner peace is to embrace all of you. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm; our own lives reflect the whole. It is quite simple, if we all found inner peace, there would be peace in the outer world too.

Looking closer, inner peace and wisdom are often sought out as a result of interna suffering. Seeing it that way, the opportunity to seek world peace is at its greatest today. You could say that the world is at the ‘suffering’ point where you were with yourself before you mustered the courage to seek help. When you go to therapy, engage in personal development or experience healing, you reach out to find more peace and belonging within yourself. You could say: “All healing is the cleansing of the illusion that you are anything but love.”

Naturally, healing is a return to the essence, a homecoming, a return to love. Just as the bird is at peace when its wings are left alone in accordance with nature, high in the sky, you genuinely live when you stop the secret war of tearing yourself apart.

The good thing is that the impulse to seek wisdom is found in its opposite, in all that
is not wise: in separation and obsession, in disillusionment and addiction, in sorrow and victimhood, in anger and frustration, in depression and a lack of meaning – in all that makes you suffer, metaphorically tearing yourself apart. But there is a hidden blessing, however difficult it is. It is the starting point for a better you, the universe gently pushing you to awaken to the beauty of you and the beauty of life by uniting yourself within you.

It is an opportunity to accept that your past and your future symmetrically belong to now, serving to magnify the moment. To comprehend that your right arm and your left arm wholly belong to your actions. To accept the simple evidence that the right side and left side of your brain equally give you the ability to analyse, reflect and create. To manifest your inner self through your outer self as the highest version of yourself on earth. To witness that the earth and the sky belong to the love of life.