Personal Development: Your Soul & The Truth


Personal Development: Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow looks at time and space in the soul.

Have you ever noticed how some people frown at you when you mention the soul? Like you are of another species and out of touch with reality.

Maybe it is just me who notices. The soul is not only the truth about who we are but also part of my work as an intuitive healer. Our soul is timeless, measureless and bountiful, and we all have one. In AD 500 it was natural for a man to accept he had a soul, the only question back then was did a woman have a soul too? Why do we still refuse to acknowledge this intangible and measureless part of us that is called the soul? In accepting the existence of the soul, we accept our connectedness, and then everything else we have been taught falls apart.

I cannot help being astonished that people gladly accept that chats can move through space via a computer frequency in a nanosecond, whereas connecting with a friend or a lover with your spirit is still completely unimaginable and unacceptable in the year 2017. The truth is, it is just as easy, for one simple reason.

Time does not exist in the space of the soul. Our soul vibrates in and out of our bodies; it has a frequency. Ever heard of a quantum leap? It is the scientific concept that proves that time does not exist.

Without a doubt, our soul exists outside and beyond the human construct of time. To put it simply: the soul is outside and beyond the duality of this world. This world is made of duality and contrast while the soul world is made of unity and wholeness, which is where the magic happens.

Man has always tried to understand the mystery of the universe, since the beginning of calculus, while it is in the mysterious that the beauty of our existence is to be found. Life is supposed to remain undefinable, mysterious and measureless, just like the soul is. Einstein said it so wisely: “There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.”

Remember one of the happiest moments of your life? Was there not a weightless and measureless feeling in your experience? Was it not in the unspoken that you found your bliss? In the space in-be-tween?

That is your soul. That is what the soul is: your consciousness, your awareness, your beauty and the one part of you that has all the answers, if you only listen. Your soul holds your memories, guarded and protected until you are ready to uncover the truth.

Your soul/higher consciousness actually knows everything you have experienced. It has memorized your deep hurts and unpleasant patterns, your rejections and your fears. It is the ‘all-seeing’ eye, the one that sees beyond the apparent and the visible. A memory that ‘holds’ the bigger picture and that knows what to let go of to become free.