Positive economics: Find the green shoots


OGETHER MAGAZINE ECONOMY The ever faster moves and pressure towards a sustainable or a circular economy, is receiving widespread attention amongst the population. Even youth is pulling the cart. What are today still partly buzzwords, under the umbrella of the green economy, are becoming evolutions or revolutions, already adding to the world economy today. However, with the new green momentum building up, they should eventually create extra business sectors, aiding worldwide economic growth even more.

The same will be happen with the final outcomes of Brexit and the world trade war.

The UK and the EU will find a new way of working together. The EU should also refocus and find a new drive. The UK too, not in the least by strengthening its economic and other ties further with the Commonwealth countries.

After the trade war, China will keep on reinventing itself and should grow its domestic market even further, becoming less and less reliable on exports. In a sense, the Chinese economy should mirror the economic situation of the US today. The US should find its industrial and economic vigour again and start exporting more, alongside the EU. The likes of India, in fact all the non-China BRICS countries, the BRIS countries or BRIIS countries, if you include Indonesia as the second ā€™Iā€™, should take their share too.

If the world economy and the global social relations evolve in those positive ways, Russia will have less room to play on the current divides between long-time friends like the EU and the US, and should find a new resolve to take its share of the renewed world economic growth, be it with its abundant natural resources or with its technological strengths.

All in all, hope is around the corner. We should just keep on going strong to get there and not let the current global fires evolve into more serious trouble.