Real Estate: Perseverance Is Key

Our property expert Yannick Callen says: Finish it!

Preparing and making a 99% real estate purchase is not a deal. In real estate, as with most of your actions, it is a question of doing it or not doing it. ‘Trying’ does not exist, it is a word coined by humans to describe something that is unreal. As soon as you become fully aware of the power of the two states, everything becomes simpler: finalize or don’t finalize, there are no half measures.

When you are interested in real estate and want to make real estate investments, you have to make the decision to go all the way. Perseverance is the key.

A good example to help you understand this is the marathon: if the runner runs 38km and stops, his achievement is above average, even extraordinary. Nevertheless, a marathon is 42km long, so has he completed it? No, because to be called a marathon runner you have to be able to finish the full race. I repeat: you have to completely finish what you are doing. Ditto in your real estate investment, finish what you undertake!

In my many years of experience, I find that persistence is the most important factor. And now that I’m aware of this, I’m focusing on finalizing everything I start. Be a good finisher! How many times and in what area do you start a task that you don’t finish? Or that you do 30%, 70% or even 99% of the task without finalizing?

Often, there is a reason for not wanting to complete a task. Have you ever heard of the fear of success? It is as strong, perhaps even stronger, than the fear of failure. Another term for this is procrastination. We leave a task lying around or we promise to do it, but we never seem to manage to.

You’d like to know why? You are in a pattern in which you are afraid of no longer being loved or being as perfect as you are today. Because if you take on a new task
or finalize a task you will ‘change’. Who likes change? Human beings adore habits. You are afraid that you will no longer be loved or that you will no longer be perfect in this new situation.

And who do you not want to disappoint? In your past, who did you not want to lose or stay perfect for? That’s where the blockage is. Once you have identified where the blockage is and who you do not want to disappoint, you will move forward and you will have an easier time completing your actions.

Become a good finisher! Persist! This is what I wish for all of you, and in large quantities. The difference in real estate is the same. How many people do I know who have been looking for property for several years without finalizing? Many! And often we also say how we do everything the same way. Now that you have the diagram above, you can more easily identify and accept it to finalize.

Do you want to own your home? Do you want to move on to your next real estate investment? You no longer want it! Do it! And do it 100%, finish the action you take. It’s not just about taking action but making the decision to go all the way. Do you feel ready to finalize now?

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