Real Estate: The Human Needs of Property Investment


Now that you have given an order of importance to your real-estate needs, I will summarize in a nutshell the two motivation engines that we all have.

Avoid pain (escaping pain): You do what you do to get out of pain or to avoid a situation that is not pleasant for you. You have already heard those famous success stories of people who change their lives after great suffering. I assure you that you do not need such terrible suffering to get there. However, be aware, acceptance is the first step in any transformation.

Go for happiness and pleasure: You do what you do to find happiness, have fun and feel good. Studies show that avoiding pain is the most motivating driver of them all. Example: If I asked you to enter a house that was on fire for €50, would you? But, if I asked you to go into that same house to save the one dearest to you, would you go? This example is a simple explanation of the principle.

Other things I want to know about you: What are the five values that are most important to you today? Put them in order of importance. Now, I would like you to take a moment to reflect on five values that may be the most important for you in the next five years. Do you know them? By this simple exercise, you have: Your needs in order of importance in real estate. The motivation that will compel you to make your decisions in real estate and your future investments. Your current values as well as your future values as to where you want to go.

If you know where you are right now and where you want to go, you are reducing uncertainty and the risk that goes with it. In case of uncertainty, analyse your results and adapt them to your conditions. I like to use the definition of crisis in Chinese to illustrate that uncertainty has two sides. The word crisis is composed of two characters. The first ‘danger’ character represents a man at the edge of a precipice.

The second, often associated with machine vocabulary, means opportunity/luck when associated with 会, which means gathering/get together. In this case, Chinese semantics is more positive, evoking the favourable character that a crisis can represent for an organization. This is the meaning you give to uncertainty that will give you your desired result.