Real Estate: The Human Needs of Property Investment


Yannick Callens deals with media prattle and the link between human needs and real estate.

In recent weeks, I have heard again and again this little phrase in the media: “We live in the most total uncertainty”. You’ve heard it too? Or weren’t you paying attention?

It made me think of the needs of the human being. My brain has made an association between this phrase and the needs that everyone wants to satisfy. In this article on real estate, I want your opinion, your intervention. Can you rate from 1 to 10 (knowing that one is for ‘not important to me’ and 10 for ‘very important to me’) these six needs that we all have and that we can link to the real estate need.

Certainty: Do I want real estate for the certainty, the security that it gives me? Is the term ‘real estate’ related to security and stability for me?

Uncertainty: Do I want real estate for the ‘uncertainty’ that it gives me? To get out of my daily life and habits? Does the term ‘real estate’ give me an adrenaline rush in the short term? A need for pleasure in the short term, to meet challenges and my need for variety?

Importance: Do I choose real estate for the importance it gives me? For others? For my family? For my relatives? Does the term ‘real estate’ help me? A connection with myself and others? Do I choose real estate to ‘stand out’?

Love and connection: Do I make real estate to be connected and/ or loved? Does the term ‘real estate’ give me ‘membership’?

These four needs are also called ‘personality’ needs. The next two needs are the ‘spiritual’ needs.

Growth: Do I choose real estate because I have a need for growth? Does the term ‘real estate’ mean growth, growing up?

Contribution: Do I choose real estate to contribute to society? By giving my money, my energy and my time? Do I want to help by renovating and beautifying real estate?