Ryad Merhy: Pride and passion sport and boxing


BELGIAN BOXING Ryad Merhy 2The boxer’s goals
“For a boxer, the most important thing is good physical fitness (cardio), and focusing on muscle-strengthening.  It’s essential to know how to take punches, and how to deliver them too… Obviously the ideal thing is to avoid them by staying highly vigilant!  When you do take a blow, it could be to your heart or your head: that’s why it’s important to work on your abdominal belt, abdos and lumbar muscles. The neck is really important too, with the trapezius and upper back muscles.

Building up the muscles in your legs is essential for boxer, and most people don’t really understand how important this is in this discipline. When you take a blow to the head, its power is distributed throughout the body. It’s essential that your legs give you a good foundation to help you deal with the blow, so that its power can be distributed correctly throughout the whole body.”

Relaxation above all
“My coach, who also coaches me outside Aspria, is always in shape!  Each time, we do a little bit of cardio, a short 20-minute run, followed by some swimming and then we make the most of the hammam and sauna. Aspria really represents a place where I can come to unwind, even with my coach. Certainly, coming here isn’t linked with my work or my training in the true sense. I come here for me. The club is soothing, there’s always a Personal Trainer available to explain to you how the machines work or how to do the exercises. I’m totally satisfied with my club – it’s wonderful and welcoming.”