Self-Discovery in Colour


Born into a world of colours, we grow up surrounded by colour in the environment and in our homes; we dress in colourful clothes, eat colourful food and make choices that are informed by colour every day of our lives.

Our response to colour is so basic that until the age of five or six, children who are asked to sort coloured shapes will automatically divide them according to colour rather than their shape.

Throughout life, we continue to use colour as a cue for interpreting what we see – grey hair tells us of middle age, a red traffic light brings us to a halt. Colour is a non-invasive means of discovering yourself. Getting to know yourself is an essential part of life. This is why I use colour as a tool to self-discovery. Behind every colour lies an emotion and also message, which can guide you throughout your life and give you a deep understanding of yourself and what’s happening in your life. Colour gets to the core of you. 

For example, if you are drawn to red or it’s your favourite colour, it is telling you that you are feeling very tired at the moment and there may be things in your life you need to persevere with. You are passionate, loving and you are being asked to take action. Red will give you the colour needed. Red also represents success and leadership. You also need to stop trying to do everything yourself, delegate a little, otherwise you will become burnt out.  

Colour numerology is one colour tool I use with clients, using their date of birth. By understanding your colour personality, you become aware of your gifts, talents and attributes. The colour numerology will uncover the colour attribute you have been born with and may even find you aren’t using or tapping into these attributes and colour. Only through knowing this colour and associated qualities will you start to connect with your true potential and embrace all the wonderful gifts and attributes you’ve been born with.

Just to give you an idea let me share with you a short summary of my baby Cédric’s soul colours. Born on August last year, his soul numbers makes him a magenta personality, the colour linked to his soul’s purpose. He is a strong magenta – the same number appears twice in his numbers. This colour is there to help him, ensuring he uses all of his potential.

He is a spiritual boy, who will be organized and display great business acumen. He’s very caring, loving and nurturing and could work in the field of healing and might run his own practice as he is also born with the qualities of green which is linked to healing and helping others.

There is something royal and sophisticated about him. He is very balanced as magenta is made up of red and violet, so he has the grounding of red, and the intuitive spiritual power of violet. This makes him strong yet sensitive. He will be the type of guy who will like the finer things in life. Balance in life will be very important to him.

The blue colour, related to his numbers, is placed in the section of his chart where he has to come back to learn and improve the colour’s qualities. This will improve his communication skills, so he can speak his truth. By knowing the soul colours and their meaning he will be more inclined to live – confidently and courageously – the life his soul intended.

A client recently said to me that after having completed the colour numerology circle of life, she’s become the person she should be. She became one of the people she admired and ran to in the past. Now everyone runs to her, wanting to find out just how she shines her true light so brightly. This is what we should all be like, shining our true light and realizing our dreams as part of the natural course of life.

Another colour discovery tool I use is the colour spine chart. By checking energetically which vertebrae vibrates to the right energy, I can tell what is happening with the person on a physical, emotional, mental, metabolic and spiritual level, as well as discovering the one colour that is needed to balance and support the person.  I then place the specific coloured light on their body and also get them to look at the colour as this sends a message to their brain and, in turn, activates a particular part of the endocrine system which, in turn, corrects some of the imbalances. They, in turn, see this filter in their life, synchronicity becomes the norm, they start to feel better and they become aware of the vast spectrum life has to offer.