Self-Help: 5 Steps to Get Organised


3. Know thyself: For the last three years, I realized that – for me, I don’t know for you – I needed to take a break in nature (like a day off or a week end with an overnight) every six weeks and a minimum three-day break every three months. So now, instead of waiting for me to go nuts and take an emergency exit, I try to book my escapes in advance. That way, I really take care of myself. For that I use Airbnb or TUI to fly.

In the pursuit of self-knowledge, I also downloaded the Moon Phase Plus app on my phone. I check it now and then when I feel that the energy is more intense around me or inside of me. Usually it has to do with the moon building towards full. A couple of days before the full moon, people get electric, anxious or just hyper. The kids usually sleep less or not well. I also integrated the new moon concept into my calendar. New moons are moments when we can start anew for the coming month, we can improve something in our character, or change a habit.

Regarding lunar cycles in the self, I also downloaded the Clue app that is specific for menstrual cycles. I love it! It allows you to enter your data, calculates your cycle, informs you on your fertile days (to keep it contraception free), your cranky days, your hottie days, as well as periods when you’ll want to go out more, indulge in some drinking or eating, partying harder than usual, and basically messing up the system that you’ve been keeping clean all the rest of the month!

4. Notes & pictures: I started using Notes in a more organised way too. Now I have project-based sub folders to put my notes in. I no longer need to look at all my notes to find the ones related to my project. I did the same for my pictures. I regularly sort them and put them in the appropriate folder so when I need them for social media or in the middle of a conversation I know exactly where to find them. I do this inspare moments such as waiting at the dentist, or waiting for a kid to finish some activity somewhere.

5. Delegate: For my businesses, I started using apps that will take away the boring part of my job. For example, for my healing centre I have an integrated widget for bookings called Treatwell where people can book automatically on my website or on my FB page and I get a text message to inform me. They also have an integrated client reminder service which is great and very professional. I still need to find away to get my bookings automatically into my agenda. I will keep you updated on that in anext article. Until then just remember: “All of lifecomes to me with ease, joy and glory.”