Self help: Get energy for your ambitions


SMOOTHIE NUTRITIONStep 3: First feed your body, then think about your egoistic self
Don’t we always crave for something tasty, trashing our bodies with foods that are neither healthy nor give us energy? Coffee, croissants and even cereals are all carbs and are acidic in nature – they are not serving you well in terms of health and energy.

Start your morning routine with veggie smoothie enriched with superfood powders like maca, wheatgrass, spirulina, acai berries, etc. Try to use veggies with fibre such as celery to improve digestion and avoid fruits as they contain fructose and can contribute to unwanted kilos. A veggie smoothie in the morning will give the right nutrients to your body, improve your digestion and boost your energy.

Step 4: Read or listen to motivational literature at least 10 mins a day
If you commute to work, it’s a perfect time to read or listen to motivational books/podcasts. If you do the priming exercise, you will know what knowledge you need and you will find the right books and podcasts. A good knowledge source will boost your energy, creativity and willingness to move forward to your dreams.

By the way, a playlist of motivational music is also a good way to kick-start your day and fill you with energy. Search for existing playlists online or create your own one. My favourite kick-starters are I Am Not afraid by Eminem, Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons and Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Step 5: Eliminate energy suckers
There are three major energy drainers: people who surround you, things that you do on a daily basis and your reaction to external irritants. Let’s see how to deal with them.

1. People who surround you: have you ever done a fair evaluation of people who surround you and how they affect your life? Hm, probably not, while it is crucial for keeping your energy levels up and succeeding in life. Take a piece of paper and list people who surround you. Create two columns: 1. Does this person support me in my ambitions? 2. Does this person help me in my ambitions? Rate them with Yes and No answers. Distance yourself from people who got No in both columns and get closer to those with Yes. Did it happen that no one in your surroundings supports you? Find people that do and stick to them.
2. Things that you do: do you have energy wasters which you are not even aware of? Here is how to eliminate them: list whatever you do during a day and rate your emotions about it? How does it feel? Great, good, bad, awful? Do it for a week to have clear understanding what you should quit doing.
3. Reaction to external irritants: are you conscious about things that annoy you and take your energy? Sometimes we get upset not even knowing what was the exact thing that upset us. Learn to be conscious about exactly what upsets you and follow the 90 seconds rule: recognize that it is just a thought and shift it to something positive.

Remember: “What’s talked about is a dream. What’s envisioned is exciting, what’s planned is possible, but what’s scheduled is REAL!” If you don’t do what you ‘know’, consider that you don’t know it. Take a step, change your life!

Anna Boroshok
Digital strategist at Emakina
Co-founder of Fearless Female Founders