Self help tips: Listen to your body and feel better


TOGETHER MAGAZINE SELF HELPNature is designed for life, and your mouth is designed for life. It is all arranged like that for a reason. The one and only good reason is for you to appreciate, enjoy and welcome the pleasure of eating. If you see food as something cursed and bad, you are not in line with the creation of life. To bring your body from a place of fear to a place of love you need to allow yourself to enjoy your food. To enjoy food should be a pleasure in everyday life, not only at parties and birthdays.

Of course, you should feed yourself to feel physically and psychologically good. If you go against nature and feed yourself mainly artificial and processed food, certainly, you won’t feel good. As with everything else in life, fake won’t bring you to a beautiful place. The sacred truth is that the more you feed yourself with high fibre fruits and vegetables, the more you may eat of everything. Fibres heighten your metabolism and put your body in a place of love, as it has a lot of nutrients and vitamins to make it feel safe. Fill your plate with a lot of fibres and fill it less with the things that are more high-calorie intake.

When you feed yourself healthy food, your metabolism creates an optimal state of functioning. We are created to be able to enjoy a lot of food and stay slim once we live in accordance with nature. To put it simply, we are not made for diets, and that is the simple reason why they don’t work. Instead, we are made for laughing and enjoying, which actually heightens your metabolism. Other things that heighten your metabolism is the cold, so don’t hesitate to go out for a walk when the weather is a bit chilly. A good thing to do is also to turn down the heating in your bedroom at night. You sleep better and you are helping to reduce global warming.

Spices also heighten your metabolism, and we all know that life is a bit more fun if we add some spice to it. Ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, mustard seeds and chili are the top spices to heighten your metabolism so spice it up! Water is also part of our essence, so drink a lot of water to give your body what it needs to feel good and secure. Let yourself change the view you have of your body and stop feeding it from a place of fear, consolation or compulsion. When you eat for these reasons, throw it in the bin instead of using yourself as a bin. A golden rule to have is, ‘In one bin or another.’ Never use yourself as a bin.

I know a lot of people are starving in this world, and even here in Brussels, but you are not saving humanity by being bad to yourself. On the contrary, the better you feel about yourself, the more good you can bring into the world. Embrace the pleasure of taste and feed yourself well because you are hungry, hungry for life. In the end, life is supposed to be joyful. If you trust the intelligence of nature and you move your body, you will reach that dream.

Let us live the good life, with intelligence and pleasure.


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