Sexiest celebrities revealed by online Google study


SEXIEST CELEBRITIES Sexiest Celebrities: Male Top 10
At just 24 years old, the newest Spiderman on the block Tom Holland has made an impression in Hollywood, with 64,330 sexy searches made on average every month around the world. Specifically, the study found 31% of searches are for ‘Tom Holland nude’.

How can we forget High School Musical heartthrob Zac Efron? It may have been 14 years since the release of the first film, but Zac Efron has gone from poster boy to sexy hunk in just a short space of time, earning him 53,990 ‘sexy’ searches on Google and 14,000 just for ‘body’.

The Hemsworth brothers feature in the top 10, with Chris Hemsworth placing fourth with 47,140 searches. It’s no doubt the muscle-heavy Australian actor impresses us as ‘Chris Hemsworth body’ has 20,000 searches. His brother, Liam Hemsworth ranks in seventh place – with more than 10,500 searches oozing sexiness.

Harry Styles may have hit headlines after his Vogue cover shoot made history, but the news hasn’t affected fans’ interest in his looks. The former One Direction star has risen to stardom and places fifth with nearly 30,000 Google enquires made. Searches included ‘topless’, ‘sexy’ and ‘body’. Dylan O’Brien popped up as one of the world’s sexiest male celebrities after going on to star as Thomas in the Maze Runner. Although O’Brien places last, he has 6,900 searches every month made globally – a difference of 57,430 to that of Tom Holland.

Male sexiest celebrities total Global Avg Searches
Tom Holland 64,330
Zac Efron 53,990
Chris Evans 48,490
Chris Hemsworth 47,140
Harry Styles 28,600
Cole Sprouse 11,870
Liam Hemsworth 10,520
Michael B. Jordan 10,510
Ian Somerhalder 8,840
Dylan O’Brien 6,900

1. A list of top 10 male and female celebrities voted as the most attractive were gathered from Ranker.

2. Using Ahrefs, Showerstoyou input each celebrity into the tool to find the average global monthly search volumes related to ‘sexiness’. Specific terms included in the analysis were: Name + ‘sexy’, ‘hot’, ‘naked’, ‘body’, ‘topless’. The search phrases were chosen so searches were made fair for men and women.

3. The searches made were totalled to provide an overview of the most attractive/sexiest celebrities.

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