Shopping watches: Meet Belgian artisan watchmakers

Gilles aClavareau

Our latest shopping watches articles some trusted Belgian craftsmen.

Watch enthusiast Gilles Clavareau is the man in charge of L’Artisan Du Temps. He takes care of the purchase, sale and repair of old or more recent watches and clocks. He devotes all his time to his passion and is particularly specialized in quality watchmaking objects – he has a preference for collector’s wristwatches. Gilles has surrounded himself with trusted craftsmen who are also passionate about watchmaking.

Before being offered to the customer, all watches pass through the hands of expert watchmakers in order to be completely revised and certified as authentic. When the need arises, only original parts are used. Artisan Du Temps guarantees 100% original watches. Whatever the customer’s choice from their collection, the client benefits from a free 2-year warranty, which includes all repairs.

SHOPPING WATCHES BELGIUM ARTISAN DU TEMPS WATCHESAs dedicated watchmakers, Artisan Du Temps’s goal is to provide customers with the benefit of their experience, which spans more than 10 years. They will answer your questions and guide you to what is best for you. Building a longterm relationship with customers is one of their priorities, made possible by their qualified staff and their full range of services and products related to the world of watchmaking.

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