Squaremob design: Transforming your interiors


Together discovered a design start-up run by two young Belgian entrepreneurs.

Discovering exclusive and original design objects is no longer as complicated it once was. Gone are the long searches on the net or the tours of the country at the weekend aimed at flushing out some rare species. Squaremob is a design consultancy specializing in furniture, decorative objects and lighting inspired mainly by Scandinavia.

The company was born from an initiative launched by two young men who simply love design and art. They bring to the world of design a vision that manifests itself in the way they present their collection. Crazy ideas come along fairly regularly – such as their recent purchase of… a bus.

Charles and Quentin, founders of Squaremob, stumbled upon an old stock of American vehicles and spotted a long khaki-coloured bus – they fell head over heels.

It boasts leather benches, a vaulted roof, chrome elements, and the indication labels are intact. They spotted the potential immediately. No, they were not going into the public transport business. They completely transformed the interior, while managing to keep all the authentic features of the bus – and they had themselves their first showroom.

The company will soon locate to the centre of Waterloo to open a larger showroom to better show of their discoveries. They want it to be “an unusual place, where amateurs and enthusiasts will mix, all dedicated to sharing good ideas around design and art”.

In a world where everything is becoming more and more industrialized, it is good to come back to products that are handmade, that require special know-how and that give a soul to the object. That’s why the Squaremob Artshop offers an opportunity to support a local workforce that benefits the European economy. In the long term these workshops will provide a wide range of objects while maintaining the same work ethic.


They have succeeded, through research, in proposing a very nice selection. You will find items from famous brands such as Hartô, Petite Friture, Fatboy, Menu, Ferm Living and many others – brands recognized for being playful and chic and often colourful. For the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, a library, a bedroom, Charles and Quentin can help you fill the empty spaces of your interior.

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