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Brussels property: AG Residential launches Urban Court

In our Brussels property pages we announce that AG Residential has launched its latest project, Urban Court. AG Residential is very pleased to announce the...

Real estate Belgium: Make the right decisions

Real estate expert Yannick Callens suggests we must improve our property buying skills. The beginning of 2020... we have to do more, better and together. In...

Real estate : Buying property is a marathon, not a sprint

Our real-estate expert Yannick Callens suggests that you take your time when it comes to property. Summer is here and we want to be in...

Real estate: Robert Kiyosaki offers valuable advice

David Mc Gowan, publisher of Together magazine, met one of his heroes to talk about the future of real estate. David Mc Gowan (DM): It's...

Real estate advice: Cashflow is king, not cash

Our real estate expert Yannick Callens suggests you keep your money on the move. We have always been taught that it is important to have...

Housing advice: Investing in real estate In Belgium

In our housing advice pages real estate expert Yannick Callens offers expert advice on buying property. Real estate is and has always been attractive to...

Money advice: Real estate is still booming

In his regular money advice column Dave Deruytter looks at the rise and rise of the housing market. Real estate investments keep going strong, so...

Real estate: A luxurious castle in Tuscany Italy

Property company Lionard Luxury Real Estate goes behind the walls of a remarkable castle. Besides the castle, this property also includes 25 farmhouses and a...
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