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Nature: The Magic of Music

Nature: Jean o’Connor listens up to the effect of music on our health and wellbeing. The fact that there is a link between music and...

Nature: Making Sense Of Smell

Nature: Jean o’Connor sniffs around the world of olfactory research and makes sense of our sense of smell. We all know the feeling of a...

Personal Development: Messages From Nature

Personal Development: Life Coach Jean o’Connor brings us messages from Nature, collected across the seasons. Spring - The path of least resistance: As temperatures timidly...

Nature: Ecotherapy’s Green Solution

Jean o'Connor places Nature in the driving seat. Today, people spend less than 5% of their time outside, and yet researchers have continually made links...

Nature: Agriculture’s Muddy Waters

Nature: Jean o’Connor looks at the agricultural industry’s solemn duty to the planet. When we think about environmental threats to the planet, tractors, ploughs and...

Self-Help: Shinrin Yoku – A Walk In The Woods

Jean o’Connor takes a walk through the woods to explore the ancient art of Shinrin Yoku. In every forest there is a clearing, in every...
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