Thalassotherapy: Tunisia’s wellbeing asset

Thalassotherapy Tunisia

Want to recharge your batteries? Take care of your body and mind? And take a relaxing break in paradise? A thalassotherapy break in Tunisia is the idea wellbeing solution for relaxation and fun all year round under the Mediterranean sun.

Renowned expertise
An idyllic five-star setting for fitness, that’s the promise of a spa break in Tunisia. And you can see why! Second only to France, Tunisia is reputed to be one of the best wellness destinations in the world. The opportunity to free the body and mind via therapeutic sea treatment is not available to everyone… there are more than 60 thalassotherapy centres with twenty years’ experience, proudly bearing the International ISO 17680 standard, which certifies their quality of care, products and respect for the environment. High-class recognition!

Charming hotels
From Hammamet to Sousse, Tabarka to Carthage or Monastir to the island of Djerba, Tunisia has chosen the most beautiful places in which to install its coastal thalassotherapy centres, all luxurious palaces in exceptional settings. The architecture of these residences is very upscale, inspired by the Arab-Andalusian palaces of the Eastern Medinas. This gentle blend of styles is also reflected in the range of care available, with traditional Tunisian Shiatsu and Ayurveda scrub and massages offered in the centre. Once you have left the spa, sports and water activities (fitness, golf, diving) await you.

Thalassotherapy Tunisia
Jasmine or sea salts
Have you ever tried an oriental wrap with cream of rhassoul (a natural clay), a jasmine water massage or a Turkish bath with essential oils? Cross the Mediterranean and experience the beauty secrets of Tunisian women in a thalassotherapy centre, where traditional treatments are offered to provide high-end care. The seawater is rich in mineral salts and trace elements, another asset of Tunisia, meanwhile the iodine showers and mud baths also bring therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. It’s very easy to become addicted!

Fouta: An intoxicating massage
Nowhere else you will enjoy the traditional foutas, a Tunisian massage in which the art of touch points you towards magic. The essential steps for 100% relaxation.

– A vapour bath or hammam with Jasmine or geranium scrub to relax and eliminate toxins.

– A green clay wrap to purify and tone the skin.

– The ‘Foutas’ long cotton scarves are wrapped around your body, to gradually release your tensions.

– Mint tea is then served in a setting worthy of beautiful Oriental palaces.