What’s on Belgium: Deodata, BOZAR, La Monnaie

WHATS ON BELGIUM DEODATO ART_Banksy-Napalm-serigrafia_carta-47x70cm
DEODATO ART Banksy-Napalm

Our latest What’s on Belgium article features Banksy, Roger Raveel and A Song for the Moon.

Deodato: Banksy
The Deodato Art Gallery inaugurates its gallery in Brussels with a show dedicated to the most important and controversial street artist of the moment. Banksy. The Brussels Show contains a group of original artworks among the artist’s most important and representative. The gallery collection has been exhibited in the most prestigious museum collections, such as the unforgettable exposition in Rome at Chiostro del Bramante. Among the artworks exhibited are the rare triptych Flower Thrower, Love Rat, ultimate symbol of Banksy, but also No Ball Game, the irreverent Queen Mary and Napalm. 25 March – 22 May. Deodato Art Gallery.

WHATS ON BELGIUM BOZAR ROGER RAVEEL De Schilderijenoptocht van 1978 te Machelen-aan-de-Leie_1978_Collectie Museum Arnhem
BOZAR ROGER RAVEEL De Schilderijenoptocht van 1978 te Machelen-aan-de-Leie_1978_Collectie Museum Arnhem

BOZAR: Roger Raveel
During an artistic career that spanned nearly six decades Roger Raveel (1921-2013) was active across a range of disciplines, including drawing, painting, graphics, in situ installations and happenings. His characteristic visual language began to take shape in 1948 and was distinctive for its strong contour lines, absence of detail, mix of figurative and abstract elements and vital, intense colours. Recurrent elements of his signature style are striped characters, carts, squares, mirrors and concrete posts. From the early 1960s Raveel’s art is typified by his attempts to break down the barriers between the work of art and its environment. : he wants his works to flow out into the surrounding space. 18 March – 21 July. BOZAR.

La Monnaie

La Monnaie Opera & Family – A Song for the Moon
The lonely mole decides to write a song to cheer the moon up. The grasshopper rehearses with his orchestra until they master the song. And then one night they deliver a beautiful concert. But why does the moon look so sad afterwards? A Song for the Moon is based on the children’s book of the same name by the famous Dutch author Toon Tellegen, known for his short animal stories full of strange situations with philosophical dimensions. With this work, the Dutch composer Mathilde Wantenaar has written her first large-scale opera, specially for a young audience, touching on important topics such as loneliness, identity, disappointment and friendship, but it is also a work about the power of music and the possibility of making contact with each other. 17 – 22 April. La Monnaie: €15, €10 -15 years.

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