Wine: Discover Belgian Merula


Wine: Belgian Merula wine – a fine example of sustainable viticulture in the Bruges region.

After winning a gold medal in 2018 and a silver medal for the election of the best Belgian wines by the association of Flemish sommeliers, Oostkamp winemaker Marino Moenaert presents his new sustainable range of Houtland wines.

Prestigious awards and new range
The winemaker from Oostkamp near Bruges, Marino Moenaert, was awarded a silver medal the same week he presented his range under its new name Mérula – a reference to the blackbird that is the symbol of his city of Oostkamp.

The new range consists of:
– Mérula Johanniter
– Merula 100% Johanniter
– Mérula wit (Merula blanc) a blend of four white grape varieties: Auxerrois, Johanniter, Solaris and Siegerrebe.
– Merula 100% Pinot Gris
– Mérula: local wines for gastronomy (high level)

After ten years of hard and rewarding work, Marino’s ambition is to offer his Belgian Merula wines to local gastronomy at a (very) high level and which is, more than ever, in search of quality local products.

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