Young DJ on the way up


At 22, most young adults have yet to figure out what they want to do with their lives.  

This isn’t the case for Pierre Madalin. Music seems to run through his veins, and from an early age he knew he had to be a part of the industry.

Last month, Madalin was the runner-up in the CASTING NRJ competion, an event for radio facilitators organised by NRJ Belgique. This was his first ever radio competition, and he was up against some 100 aspiring radio DJs.

When he entered the competition he didn’t realistically look at winning, or being a runner up. Madalin just wanted to make his mark.

“I wanted people to remember me,” he said. “I wanted them to know my name.”

Madalin was surprised to finding himself in the final round of the competition where he the four other finalists co-hosted “Generation NRJ,” and he was given the first slot.

“It’s always hard to go first,” Madalin said. “The other DJs could easily copy something you do or say.”

His creativity, passion and humour stood out among voters, however, and at the end of the competition Madalin not only was awarded second place, but also spread his name far and wide.

Madalin describes his tastes as being a mix of electro, house and dance, though he listens to everything. To him, success comes from being aware of the audience, and making sure they are happy.

To connect with his audience and to reach out to as many potential listeners as possible, Madalin makes excellent use of social networking.

“Facebook, twitter, it’s all so important now,” he said. “It’s how people communicate, and I want to be right there when things happen.”

In addition to experience as a radio DJ including handling the mic for Mixx FM and FUN RADIO, Madalin also works as a solo DJ and is also the marketing manager of DeeJay News Magazine, an online site catered to the world of DJing.

When asked what he likes best, Madalin highlighted the satisfaction he found in each.

“I’m able to do so many things,” Madalin said. “In journalism, communications and music, I’ve developed a lot of experience.”

Next Wednesday, Madalin will be featured as a live DJ for the well-known Roller-Bike Parade, and entertain the crowds from a car alongside those in the parade. It’s the first time he’s done the event, which has been gaining momentum in Brussels.

In the long run, Madalin has big dreams ahead of him. His biggest goal: owning his own media company.

“I want everything,” he said. “World-wide web, radio, TV. Everything.”