Food prices in Belgium above EU average


Prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks are relatively high in Belgium. Statistics released by Eurostat show that price levels here can be situated 10 percent above the European average. At the same time, alcohol and tobacco are a little bit cheaper than the European average.

Eurostat compared the price for a basket of food products in the whole European Union. Denmark turns out to be the most expensive country for food and non-alcoholic beverages, with prices soaring to 43 percent above the European average. Poland was the cheapest, with prices at only 61 percent of the European average.

Belgian consumers have to pay above average (+10%). However, a trip just across the border can save you some money. Belgium is surrounded by countries that are cheaper, like the Netherlands (-4% under the European average), Germany (+6%) and France (+9%). Luxemburg is an exception, but is cheap for filling up.

Alcohol and tobacco are a bargain in Belgium, with prices 3% under the European average. There is a striking difference with the U.K. (94% above the average) and